5 BEST ★★★★ Support In Patch 1.1! DON'T MISS Their Potential! | Genshin Impact

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A Complete Guide On The 5 Best Support Characters In Patch ! We Will Look At The Weapon Choices, Artifact Sets & Start Choice For Each!

Chinese Video On Diona's Use Of Sacrificial Bow:

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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:10 Best F2P ★★★★ Support!
0:53 Notes Overview
1:30 Diona (Shield & Healer)
4:36 Fischl (Hybird Dps Support)
7:06 Sucrose (#1 Elemental Support)
9:14 Bennett (DMG & Healing Support)
12:05 Barbara (#1 F2P healer!)
15:22 Don't Over Level Supports!
16:42 Summary

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