A Deep Web Story-The Selling Site by Horror Diary

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A Deep web story-The selling site.
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This happened to me when I was still in college. I wanted very much to buy this rare stop motion movie I saw when I was a kid. If you want to know why, let’s just say I was feeling quite nostalgic. Especially since my days were filled with hectic things to do for my subjects. The funny thing was that as a kid, I didn’t exactly know the name of the movie. I had to rely on Google Search images to figure out the name of the movie. Once I got the name of the movie, I began searching for online shops and physical stores that sold retro movies. I did find some dealers and sellers, but the selling price were outrageous! As much as I wanted to get the movie, I didn’t see myself spending around $50-$100 for an old movie. Especially since I still had school fees to take care of. A friend of mine then suggested I try another selling site.

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