Adopt Me Trading proofs video, I got a Mega Arctic Reindeer ???? - Traded ???? ???????????????? fo

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Hey guys,
Today I'm doing another Adopt Me trading video, pretty huge! I decided to trade a mega cow???? for a Mega Arctic Reindeer???? and a fly red golden unicorn????. I really like Mega Arctic Reindeer????! It's Christmas time, so, I need to get the Christmas time spirit! Then I traded all those things for a neon parot????, and we ended up trading back, so don't worry! I traded my mega parot???? for them. I tried all those things for the ????mega frost dragon, but then she wants to trade back!
Here is what I traded to get another ????mega frost dragon! And from now on, I'm just no longer to treat my ????mega frost dragon because I keep going back and forth, and it's just too much of a hassle! So I don't know if you know, but I keep treating my mega frost and mega pair back and forth. So it's kind of stressful. Anyway, I added after, and I'm super excited about that trade, and I added you'll see what I add after once I get in! Here's me putting in so far, and look at me putting it in.
That's why trade ideas and another mega frost dragon. I was pretty happy! As you can tell, I was happy! You know, it's all that matters! It just matters about who trades who does a trade if they're happy with it. So that's all that matters! That was my speech of the day. I trade all those things for a ???? Mega Arctic Reindeer. Like I said before, I really really like my, I mean, Neon Arctic Reindeer???? in general, because it's Christmas time. Even if it wasn't Christmas time, I still love Neon Arctic Reindeer???? are so cute. And I really wanted omega, so I would do this trick because I really liked the Neon Arctic Reindeer????. There's just so adorable and cute!
I just love it so much! It's so pretty! I love it! I love it! I love it! I named the Neon Arctic Reindeer, Sherman! ????
Thank you so much for watching this video I really appreciate it!
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Okay, bye!!

Ps. Sorry for not posting us frequently :)

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Lavender ????????????????

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