All About: Obeka, Jared, Blim, & Nymris! | Good Morning Magic | Commander Legends | Decklist

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It took many excellent designers to create Commander Legends - and today I bring in four of them to run you through how Obeka, Jared, Blim, and Nymris were plus how they would suggest building them! And take a look at Jules's Jared decklist below, plus the video for tons of ideas!

Jules's Jared Decklist: #Jules_Robins's_Jared_Carthalion

A tremendous thank you to Corey, Ethan, Jules, and Ken for appearing on the show today - and for all of their contributions to Commander Legends! You can find them here:


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Thumbnail background art is Obeka, Brute Chronologist by Jesper Ejsing, from Commander Legends. Intro and outro background is Forest from Jumpstart, by Alayna Danner. Intro Song is "Cartoon Bank Heist" by Doug Maxwell/Media Well productions. Music throughout is "Venkatesananda", by Jesse Gallagher.
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