An American MASTER RACE -- A True Story By David Hoffman

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The book is titled Safe Counsel. It was printed in 1923 during a time when many Americans supported the idea of Eugenics, believed in the Phrenology and other pseudo-sciences that basically suggested that they were superior and inferior races and that inferior people, racially, ethnically, with mental illness and other issues such as sexual promiscuity, should be sterilized by the government so as to prevent future generations of weaker Americans. Many American leaders bought into this and supported including Pres. Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, and John D. Rockefeller. Many states sterilized thousands of people in California was a leader in this effort. Major scientists who supported this had proof that American Indians (Native Americans), Mexicans, Eskimos, African-Americans, were among those lesser races. And that people with mental and physical illnesses should also be sterilized to stop these weaker Americans from procreating. But the book also became a guide for teenagers, for the unmarried, and for the newly married, to know the difference between success and failure in sexual relations, in marriage, and more. This philosophy and behavior died with the coming of the Nazis who actually practiced on a mass scale, what these folks were preaching.
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