Being Black in Denmark | Afro Review - Things to Know Before Going to Copenhagen - 4.5 Fros

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Denmark was an unexpected COVID destination for me.

When I first moved to Europe, it was pretty far down on my travel list and that was the case up until about 2 weeks before I traveled there.
The name Denmark doesn’t ring many bells for me. Of course, I’ve heard of the cheese Danish, and I know the name Copenhagen. Other than that, I’ve always been pretty ignorant to Denmark and any of the Scandinavian nations.

I did recognize Denmark to always be at the top of the list in the countries with the highest quality to live in, and the highest happiness index regarding its residents. I never knew why, but I do now.

7 months deep into COVID lockdown and there were only a few countries that we could travel to from the Netherlands and at that point that was the only box you need to check to become a 2020 travel destination.

But I was pleasantly surprised! From a social perspective, Copenhagen was my favorite solo trip that I’ve taken to date.

Being black in Copenhagen honestly felt extremely comfortable. Because of my choice of accommodations I had very unique experiences and diverse surroundings that might not be completely representative of the whole country or even Copenhagen.

I spent 3 days and nights in Copenhagen and took a few day trips. One to the coastal cliffs and one to neighboring Sweden. In that time, I took note of the country’s demographics, safety, costs, entertainment options, and a few other aspects.

Taking all those into account, Copenhagen received out of 5 Fros on the Fro Rating Scale!

I hope you enjoy the video.

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