Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020 // Choose the Right One!

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My favourite picks for the best truly wireless headphones of 2020. I hope this video helps you pick the perfect one!

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Pixel Buds -
Bose QuietComfort -
Beats PowerBeats Pro -
Sennheiser Truly Wireless Momentums 2 -
Jabra Elite 75T -
AirPods Pro -
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live -
OnePlus Buds Z -

0:00 - Best Wireless Earbuds
0:26 - Best Truly Wireless Earbuds for Virtual Assistance
1:52 - Best Active Noise Cancellation
3:13 - Best Sound Quality
4:40 - Best Earbuds for Fitness
5:53 - Best Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds
7:23 - Best Truly Wireless Earbuds
9:50 - Honourable Mention

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