BMW M5 Competition vs Mercedes AMG GT63s DRAG RACE

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Pilot speaking, my name is Tseno, I hope you are having an absolutely amazing day and in today's episode I have another very cool drag race! And this is between the 2018 BMW M5 Competition and the Mercedes AMG GT63s 4door 4Matic+ Coupe!
Let's see who is the daddy of the 4 door super saloons!
Are you ready? LET'S GO!!!

Time stamps:
Cars B-roll: 00:00-00:25
Intro and car specifications: 00:25-01:47
Exhaust sound: 01:47-02:04
Drag Race: 02:04-04:35
Best stats and conclusion: 04:35-06:37

Huge thank you to all involved in this drag race:

The profile of this awesome M5 with a twist:

My top photographers:

My amazing number plates:

GPS Device used: Racebox
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