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Hello, peasant. This is from our MGSV Stream on 5/28 of 2021. These clips were gathered by multiple people, including KnackeredOcelot and ASaint02, as well as Thank you for supporting me! This was absolutely so fun to make. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thumbnail art by KnackeredOcelot! Thank you so much for this amazing art.

The song CyberS3x by Brioni Faith was used in this video. Please check her out, she's one of my favorite artists!

Flekeshski, peasant. Hello. I, Yoro Yoyo, am the supreme leader of the glorious country of Yoyomania, and Dictator VTuber. Recently, to encourage tourism and increase our peasant population, I have graciously decided to take up VTubing as a hobby to spread my influence world wide. I would like nothing short of world domination. I've also become an idol in order to further indoctrinate more into my all powerful rule. I am sure you'll find Yoyomania most palatable to you; everyone does! Our national greeting is the spanking. I personally spank everyone's ass at Mach 5; after all, you have to give up something to become a citizen, aside from your dignity. So, I'm taking your ass. (You want me to take it too, don't you?) I also like vampires and shit. It's good.
I hope you'll consider joining our ranks, and remember:

Supreme Leader is watching you.

Twitter: ​​​

【Shirayuri Productions】
Shirayuri Production, also known as S-Pro, is an American-based Vtuber Idol company made by fans for fans! In Japanese flower terminology, the shirayuri (white lily) flower symbolized purity and innocence, something we wish our Idols embody**. Inspired by the likes of Hololive, Nijisanji, and many others, S-Pro hopes to bring joy and happiness to viewers both locally and worldwide!


**They TRIED to do this. I would not let them. The white lily actually symbolizes my favorite drink. You can find it in my chalice!

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