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Intuition rider Chad TanneKILL is in Game Genie mode whenever he's in his Razors Henderson 2 SL skates! If he were a twitch streamer / character in a #rollerblading game, his tag would be @ColonelCoping or @AdmiralAngleIron, right?! When is a new rollerblading video game releasing on all platforms?

In the meantime, Chad brings that level of skating into reality, and has a damn good time doing it. Let's take his lead, and enjoy more time in our #futureshoes - in the streets or skate parks, with friends or solo missions!

Score your Razors Henderson 2 SL skates at before it's game over . . .

Shot on location in Taft, CA, Arvin, CA, Intuition Skate Shop, Tulare, CA, and Orange Cove, CA.
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Track: Chaos Rising
Artist: Jacob Little
(Royalty Free Heavy Metal Instrumental - CHAOS RISING)
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