Collaboration, Creativity, Enthusiasm, RESILLIENCE at CCS

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This is the final product of our Global Educational ePals Project 2020-2021 initiated by the Multi-Disabilities classroom at Cumberland County Schools. All students, previously had permission to have photos shared in this project from the 2019-2020 school year. After the school lockdown, none were secured, thus, we chose to use a bitmoji to represent each students' likeness to assist in telling their story.

It demonstrates a variety of activities engaged in during virtual learning after COVID-19 locked down schools. We utilized the system-wide Alternate Assessment, Brigance Inventory to help engage students with significant cognitive disabililties to make choices about basic skills in reading, math, and writing. The Unique Learning System curriculum supplied stories we read in the Fall showing how the Coronavirus affected the way people participated in common events around the country. We also used the Abounding Health Journey for Children to engage the 36 youth of 6 clusters of learners to partner with each other from which the MU students selected important bits of information earned from our email or other digitally generated exchanges.

The Abounding Health Journey for Children, created by Precious Lowe, Founder of Abounding Health Ministries, is a child-friendly program of 8 topics about health principles. We used 7 of the 8 topics to engage students in the project. 1. TRUST-wise (things children experience in their world); 2. SUN-wise (things we do in the open sunlight); 3. MOVE-wise (about exercise); 4. EAT & DRING-wise (we combined 2 topics into one EAT-wise --topics about good Nutrition; and DRINK-wise-- principles about good habits using water); 5. REST-wise (developing good habits of resting; and 6. BE-wise (developing good behavioral habits). Students partnered together on a team of their choice facilitated by caring adults called Eagle Stakeholders from the US and in Zambia. Participants were able to discover similarities and differences about each other's culture. All parts of the digital foldable were designed by the students of the Mufti-Disabilities Class.

Due to limited funds to pay for a higher annual subscription with Animoto, the resolution is at the highest possible level at the plan purchased. The powerpoint of the actual Digital Fall Foldable is so much clearer to read the pages and available upon request at MentoringInHisImage@

For more information do not hesitate to contact, Estalinda Roberson, at Mentoring in His Image using the email above or leave a comment below.
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