Creature Abilities, part 7 (Creatures of Sonaria) •Tier 3’s•

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This was the 2nd half of the tier 3’s in CoS! I drew all of these, so yes, eventually your favorites will be drawn if the haven’t already! (There’s a few I physically can’t draw, if I drew them for you, the drawings wold scar you. Some creatures that I haven’t/will not draw include: Jeff, Polymonstrum, Militrua) anyways, this is a series so go check out the others in the playlist linked down below!

When i’m finished with the series i will make one mega video with all of them AND updated info from your comments telling me that I got some info incorrect! So feel free to comment to me telling I forgot something, underpriced, didn’t acknowledge a strength, etc!

Mud Placer: Mud placer is an ability that is activated when pressing Q. Upon pressing Q, a pile of healing mud is placed for 60 seconds, this mud doubles Burn heal speed, Bleed heal speed, and Poison heal speed for all who roll in it.

Unbreakable: This is a passive ability, and grants complete immunity to bleed, ligament tear, and bone break

Poison (called toxic in video.): This is a passive ability. When bitten by another player, that attacking player will receive some poison each bite.

Bone break: when attacking, a creature with bone break has a small chance to inflict the Bone Break status effect. (Bone break disables sprinting, flying, and slows walk speed.)

Bleed: When a creature with bleed attacks another, it inflicts the bleed status effect (amount of bleed varies)

Toxin: When a creature with toxin attacks another, the creature they attack gets the poison status effect. (Poison in small amounts lowers stamina regeneration, but in high amounts can kill a player.)

Ice Breath: Ice breath is an elemental ability, when pressing c, the Ice Breath with shoot from this creatures mouth. Ice breath slows a target upon hit, and sometimes can freeze the target entirely for a few seconds.

Fire Breath: Fire Breath is an elemental ability, when pressing c, Fire Breath will shoot from this creatures mouth. Fire breath inflicts the “burn” status effect, which does .3% the targets hp every 3 seconds. In large amounts, Fire Breath clogs lungs like in a Volcanic Eruption event.

Earthquake: when pressing Q, this ability inflicts the “Bone Break” status effect to all nearby creatures.

Night Stalker: this is a passive ability. Night stalker grants this creature 4/3 NightVision, and also takes nightvision away from anyone nearby.

Wall Cling: This is a passive ability, whenna creature with the “Wall Cling” ability flies into a wall, they stick to the wall like those wall sticky toys you got as a child.

Lightning Breath: Lightning breath is an elemental ability, when pressing c, Lightning Breath will shoot from this creatures mouth. Lightning breath makes the targets movements erratic for a short moment, and has a small chance to fully paralize.

Shock: When pressing q, this ability makes everyone in the area’s movements erratic for a few seconds, and slows them for 30 seconds. *slows flight speed, walk, and run speed by 60%)

Defensive Shock: this ability is a passive ability. When a creature bites another with the “Defensive Shock” ability, they will be paralized completely for a few seconds, and slowed for 30 seconds.

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