Demon’s Souls Review, PS5 Remake Gameplay: Is it Worth it? Nostalgia Never Looked So Good

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Demon’s Souls Review, PS5 Remake Gameplay: Nostalgia Never Looked So Good. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Review we’ll be taking a look at the new realization of and iconic game, one that started a legendary franchise, one that is the grandfather of Souls, and one that is ultimately responsible for the existence of Fextralife. Never have we been so excited, and never has a review been so personal for us. So how is it? Read on to find out!

0:00 - Demon's Souls Review
0:21 - Story and Setting
1:29 - Gameplay
5:00 - Audio and Visual
6:45 - Pricepoint and Replayability
7:48 - Final Thoughts

Demon's Souls Remake release date: November 12th 2020
Demon's Souls Remake is NOT coming to PC - as per Sony, it was an error on the trailer.
New Weapon: Reaper Scythe
New Online: Up to 6 Player Online (Requires PS+)

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In Demon’s Souls players will take on the role of a fallen warrior bound to the Nexus in an attempt to save the land of Boletaria from an endless fog full of demons. Living and dying over and over again, they will slay demons with the aid of legendary heroes of the realm, as they gain power and try to lure The Old One back to sleep and end the nightmare.

The Gameplay of Demon’s Souls should be mostly familiar to those who have played any of From Software’s more recent titles, but there are mechanics even Souls vets will not understand if they have not played Demon’s Souls before.

Players will make their way through the 5 different Archstones in nearly any order they choose, defeating enemies and bosses, and collecting demon’s souls that they can use to level up, upgrade their equipment, and purchase items that may assist them in their journey. The difference in Demon’s Souls is that there is much more of a focus on the worlds themselves, and less of a focus on the Bosses.

Demon’s Souls Remake changes very little from the original in the way of mechanics, only adding a few quality of life improvements here and there, without compromising the intensity of Demon’s Souls. That is to say, if those playing Demon’s Souls now for the first time have an easier experience, it won’t be by much. There are no “bonfires” near fog gates or checkpoints added, or anything of that nature.

Visually Demon’s Souls Remake is the best looking Souls game to date, and Bluepoint completely crushed all expectations in this department. Never has Boletaria looked so good, and the lighting and spell effects really bring the game to life. Demon’s Souls Remake has raised the bar for Elden Ring, which is only good news, since From will likely have to up its game or face serious backlash.

My first playthrough of the Remake took me roughly 24 hours, and that was with having played the original about 6 years ago, and having a ton of Souls experience. I expect this number to be a lot higher for souls veterans who have not played it before, and even higher still for newbies to the franchise.

Demon’s Souls is not a game meant to be played once, it’s a game with the catchphrase “The Real Demon’s Souls Starts Here” when you enter NG+, and it is absolutely true. Manipulating world and character tendency, finding all the NPC events, collecting all weapons and spells is a multi-cycle affair that gets more and more fun as you go on.

Demon's Souls Remake is a faithful reconstruction of the original game with subtle modern-day improvements. A genre-defining masterpiece, it's one of those games that is not for everyone but should be tried by everyone. Running beautifully in 4k and smoothly at 60FPS, Boletaria will entice you to go further, explore deeper, and dare to die again. Fully worth the PS5 launch price.

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