Deserted Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS)

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Deserted Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS)
WWE Undefeated is now available on Android and ios, you can download through Google Playstore and iOS through Appstore.

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▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬

War never changes, yet it changes everything. It caught us off guard, destroyed all of civilization and brought disaster and death to every corner of the world. Deserted Dawn is an apocalyptic zombie-themed MMORPG, enjoy an immersive experience in the post-apocalyptic world wracked by a mutant doomsday where you can defend your home, delve deep into ruins to find lost relics of the past to become the champion of a new civilization.

[Save the World and Defend your Home]
Mutant creatures and zombies roam the wastes killing indiscriminately, a powerful force seems to be creating them and guiding them to evil ends, and even other survivors can become your enemies. What will you do to

[Gather & Upgrade Gears]
A vast array of Drones, Vehicles, Mechanical Wings, Mecha and animal companions can assist you in the game. Also, you can try and craft equipment, embed gems and reshuffle gear attributes. More gameplay and more fun!

[Four Classes]
Four Classes: the Assassin, the Guardian, the Ranger and the Medic. The player can bring down enemies with slick skill combos. All to deliver breath-taking and tactical combat.

[VS. Dungeon BOSS]
Cargo Escort: Escort a Cargo Vehicle that will travel along a set route. Remember that the loot inside will determine who controls the Wasteland. You will defend against raids from other players and escort the vehicle to its destination. And of course, feel free to raid the Cargo Vehicles of other
Prison Rescue: Test your cunning and save your people. In doing so, you will receive awesome Rescue Rewards.
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