Echelon EX Prime Bike DEMO and Setup - DIY PELOTON Bike w/ $500 Amazon Prime Bike!

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Echelon EX PRIME Bike -

Clip in Pedals:

Scosche Heart Rate Monitor:

The Amazon Prime Bike is a collaboration with Echelon to create an affordable indoor cycling bike, and they really hit the nail on the head with the Echelon EX-PRIME Smart Connect Fitness Bike.

Cellphone Holder:

TIEM cycling shoes:

This Echelon EX-Prime bike is only a fraction of a Peloton Bike, and it may become one the most popular ways to make a DIY peloton moving forward into the future. If you've been thinking about getting an indoor cycling bike but it's simply too expensive you may want to consider creating a DIY peloton using the Echelon EX-Prime bike from Amazon. Adding a few accessories to your Amazon Prime Echelon Smart Connect Fitness indoor cycling bike will really enhance your indoor cycling experience and give you a much better diy peloton experience. Put some clip in pedals on your diy peloton to make the biggest difference in your ride. A scosche heart rate monitor to your Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Amazon Prime bike is another nice addition. The most important part about building a diy peloton is actually riding the Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike indoor cycling amazon EX-Prime bike regularly. It doesn't matter if you have a real peloton bike, or you simply build a diy peloton in the garage, it's how often and how hard you ride the amazon prime bike for indoor cycling will make all the difference. The Echelon Prime Bike from Amazon is perfect for a DIY Peloton Bike copycat setup. All you need to do is buy an indoor cycling bike like the Amazon Prime Bike and download the Peloton Digital App and you have a pretty good set up ready to well, you're shouldn't be rolling hopefully.
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