[ENG SUB] CR Cup Practice but it's just Kuzuha trolling Soraru & Kanae (NIJISANJI/UTAITE)

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I wonder if there will be a day where you're the one pranking them both.

There's actually a running gag between them where they count 'troll points' ( Kanae successfully using Horizon's ult on Soraru? +1 troll point) and I'm pretty sure Kanae and Kuzuha has been raking it up a lot at this point.

They once kept track of their 'noob points' too for the times they're screwing up or just head being in the clouds during a fight lmao but that's for another day of discussion.

I think this is the first time I'm subtitling a video of them three (The welcome Chihiro video doesn't count) ever since they announced that they are going to participate CR Cup together as a #/DIDWIN

Just mentioning that this compilation was only made possible because of Aho New World's existence. I wanted to clip that part so much that this

I'm not even sure whether Kanae was just joking around, or he genuinely thought that "A Whole New World" was "Aho New World" these whole time. Either way, that whole exchange so ridiculous that it had me laughing so much when I first heard it.

(Not to mention the noodles/salad/brains keep Soraru and Kuzuha fed at all times guys, or these kind of conversations happen.)

Original stream:


Songs used are all Kevin Macleod's -- and R3 Music Box's A Whole New World.

I'm still learning Japanese and I want to work hard with it, so if there's any corrections to be done, please feel free to do so! I hope you enjoy this video ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

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