Establishment Conservatives Craft A Plan For Defeat | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 569

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Republicans have the chance to flip the Supreme Court, rescue it from the clutches of left wing radical activist judges, and potentially save millions of unborn lives in the process. But some so-called conservatives are arguing that it would be “unprincipled” for Republicans to take advantage of the opportunity. Also Five Headlines including Chris Cuomo giving a constitution lesson to Don Lemon on CNN last night. And in our Daily Cancellation, I will finally cancel the entire country of Japan.

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00:00 - Opening
02:30 - Establishment Conservatives Craft A Plan For Defeat
14:25 - Mitt Romney supports voting on SCOTUS appointment
15:53 - Media bias on full display
19:20 - Ellen addresses the rumors about a toxic work environment
21:55 - LeBron James Suggests Black Votes Don’t Count In America: ‘We’ve Seen Our Voices Be Muted Our Whole Lives’
24:16 - AOC is not going back to brunch
25:18 - Cringey Emmys madness
31:20 - Japan is cancelled for building useless robots

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