Gold Glitch 3.0 Updated (Post Patch) - GTA Online - The Cayo Perico Heist

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The Gold Glitch people. The door glitch. The solo gold glitch. Whatever you want to call it, this right here is one of the hype new glitches to know about in GTA Online's latest update. This makes the Cayo Perico Heist a breeze. I literally haven't even bothered to go anywhere else on the island except the compound during the heist since discovering this.

One of the most common questions I get in the comments of my videos is whether this glitch has been patched or not. There was some big game patch recently that fixed some other stuff (like the CEO helicopter on Cayo Perico glitch). But the gold glitch right here still works just fine as of 3/7/21. It might be like the Casino gold glitch where they don't fix it until the summer if they haven't done it yet

This right here is a little complex at first. But patience and practice folks. Uou too will be able to do this if you follow along with the video here. I'll put a timestamp for each of the doors for anyone who just wants the info and not my colorful commentary.

Keep in mind that this will probably be patched at some point in the future. Maybe during the Summer DLC Update. But it also may never be patched because we're talking like an extra 50K per heist here. I don't think Rockstar really gives a shit. Definitely don't think anyone is getting banned over this.

That's it for now folks!! Plenty more stuff coming out soon, including more Cayo Perico stuff, more Glitches, Top 10 lists for 2021 and the rest of the OG criminal mastermind. Until then, Hope You Enjoy!!

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