Growing Your Business From The Bottom Up (Online Trainer Show #38)

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Growing Your Business From The Bottom Up (Online Trainer Show #38)

Just to let everyone know, the show will now center around Jonathan’s impeccable impressions of drug dealers and Carolina’s neon juice drinks, which is totally breaking ground in the podcast space. This episode also marks the seven year anniversary of Jonathan’s premiere online training program, so he celebrates the occasion by discussing how he built it from the proverbial ground up. The team covers how to avoid comparing yourself to others, what matters more than a big budget, and the stories that remind us to take our time and enjoy our work.

In This Episode:
“Everyone’s got a Chapter 1” [22:17]
Carolina remembers Jonathan’s first program [28:11]
How Jonathan bootstrapped his business [30:01]
THIS matters more than production quality [34:20]
Don’t hire others to do the work for you [36:44]
Why you need to take your time [38:21]
Ren connects business and fitness [38:57]
Jonathan’s takeaways from building a business from the ground up [42:10]
“Give yourself room” [44:07]
A great story that teaches us to question everything [45:52]

"It's easy to get stuck in a very reactive state in business. Give yourself room to be able to do this work.” - Jonathan Goodman

Focus on YOUR Chapter 1

It’s easy to compare your progress to someone else’s, but it’s always a trap. Everyone’s situation is incredibly nuanced and unique to them, so instead, think of it this way: Your book is the ONLY one that exists anywhere, so you might as well focus on YOUR Chapter 1.

It’s About More Than Flashy Powerpoint Transitions

Too many people never get started because of a fear that their product doesn’t look “professional” or polished enough. Once you hear how Jonathan started, you’ll realize that a high production value wasn’t the key to success. Instead, he committed all of his energy toward creating a consistently high-quality product, and the production value inevitably came later.

Give Yourself Room to Succeed

When you love something, it makes sense to pour every waking second into it, right? Not quite. To find long-lasting success, you have to remind yourself that you have more time and resources to succeed than you think. Breathe. Quality trumps quantity every time.

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