GTA IV Online (XB1) | Street Racing, Stance Cars, No Hesi, Swing Set Glitch, + ("Funny Moments")

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Throwback Time on Grand Theft Auto IV! The things you gotta do when your GTA 5 online account gets whipped/erased lmao. Had sum fun on here tho with the homies just messing around having a good laugh. Got to grab the OG Sultan RS, did a bit of sum cruising/street racing/drifting around the city, fighting random pedestrians, & trying to get into the heart of statue of liberty. Did sum no hesitation type of racing, messed around with the swing set glitch & just overall vibin with the boys lol. This is all for entertainment purposes, drop a like if you enjoyed & subscribe for more.

had a whole lotta of dumb/funny moments in this lol
even showed a little mini tutorial on how to lower/stance your car on GTA 4 ????

Homies In The Video:

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