GTA Online NEW ISLAND CONFIRMED & MAP EXPANSION! - "El Rubio" (GTA Online December Update)

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GTA Online MAP EXPANSION CONFIRMED - "El Rubio" (GTA Online December Update)

GTA Online Map Expansion Trailer:
El Rubio in Color:
John Doe location in GTA Online:
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Rockstar Games has officially confirmed today that GTA Online will be receiving it's first ever GTA 5 map expansion in the GTA Online December 2020 Update. From the 10 second teaser that Rockstar Games released, it seems that the GTA 5 new location will be a tropical island of some sort. Could this be a modern day Guarma, Cuba, or an island based off of the California Chain Islands? Only time will tell but this is definitely shaping up to the the BIGGEST GTA ONLINE UPDATE EVER like Rockstar Games said back in July. This new GTA Online Update will give us a new location, heist, and much more.

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