*HALLOWEEN UPDATE* New boss! New pets! New sabers! + More..! [ROBLOX SABER SIMULATOR]

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Intro: 0:00
HALLOWEEN update: 0:17
Claiming the new island: 0:40
The new boss: 1:02
The HALLOWEEN portal: 1:24
Opening the new HALLOWEEN egg: 1:34
Pets I got from the egg: 1:44
Afk boss: 1:54
Back from 10h afk: 3:29
Selling strength: 3:39
Cleaning my inv: 3:56
Opening the new HALLOWEEN egg: 4:11
Pets I got (moon pet?..): 7:05
Killing the new boss in public server: 7:20
Ending the video: 7:29
Outro: 7:39
The end!: 8:00

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