Hardware APIs on the Web and using experimental technologies // Web BLE, Web USB, Geolocation

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Recently Safari and Firefox announced that they will no longer implement hardware-related APIs in their browsers, which Chrome is going ahead with the draft specifications on Web BLE, Web USB, and other interesting technologies to connect hardware with the Web. What does this mean for us, the developer? How can we continue to explore the boundaries of experimental technologies while learning about privacy and security?

0:00 Intro
2:36 Gathering all the information
3:01 Geolocation W3C Specification
3:47 Geolocation browser compatibility
4:01 Web Bluetooth W3C Specification
4:12 Web Bluetooth browser compatibility
4:22 Browser engines
4:45 WebKit feature status
5:01 Web USB W3C Specification
5:15 Web USB browser compatibility
5:26 Feature detection with JavaScript
6:23 Two different viewpoints
6:49 Platform Adjacency Theory
7:15 Browser fingerprinting
7:53 Making tiny experiments
8:22 Research paper on using experimental technologies
10:09 Should the Web expose hardware capabilities?
10:54 Demo with Web Bluetooth
13:37 Outro and my pinned comments on older videos

Feature detection code
Feature detection demo site
Web BLE demo with privacy information
Code for the demo

Using Web BLE to detect and get GATT information
Data exchange from browser to a microcontroller with WebUSB

Hardware APIs on the Web
Tracking Prevention in WebKit #anti-fingerprinting
Steve Jobs on privacy at the D8 Conference (Video) - YouTube
Geolocation API Specification 2nd Edition
W3C Process on Maturity Levels #maturity-levels
Browser compatibility of Geolocation API
Web Bluetooth Specification
Browser compatibility of Web Bluetooth API
Comparison of browser engines - Wikipedia #General_information
WebKit Feature Status
WebUSB API Specification
Browser compatibility of Web USB API
Platform Adjacency Theory by Alex Russell
Mitigating Browser Fingerprinting in Web Specifications
(PDF) An Ethical Framework for Evaluating Experimental Technology
Should The Web Expose Hardware Capabilities? by Noam Rosenthal — Smashing Magazine
Adafruit Feather nRF52 Bluefruit LE [nRF52832]
Adafruit VEML6075 UVA UVB and UV Index Sensor Breakout

EEVBlog Digital Multimeter 121GW
Saleae Logic Analyzer
ATTEN-862D Hot Air Gun workstation

dotfiles for terminal configuration
KiCad for designing the schematic and PCB
CoolTerm for accessing the serial monitor
PartsBox for stock, inventory and BOM management
GoodNotes for highlighting notes and datasheets

???? Music and Audio Effects
Nebular Focus from YouTube Audio library

iPhone 11 for recording video
Microphone Audio Technica ATR2100-USB for voice recording
IKEA TERTIAL Work lamp stand hacked as a microphone stand
Tripod SLIK SDV-10iPhone holder Xiletu XJ-8

Davinci Resolve 17 for video editing
QuickTime for recording laptop screen
for YouTube thumbnail, titles, outro
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