???? How to do Multiple Timeframe Analysis like a PRO! #GBPUSD

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???? How to do Multiple Timeframe Analysis like a PRO!

In this session you'll see how we apply our Sherlock Analysis process that is unlike anything you've seen before to get accurate analysis on the markets!

0:00 - intro
1:57 - Start of lesson
3:27 - Multiple Timeframe Analysis on the $GBPUSD
4:00 - Why to look at the timeframes I do
6:05 - The 6 month chart and reading The Story of Price
12:15 - an analogy to help understand how price shifts momentum
16:27 - The monthly chart of $GBPUSD and discovering it's story
19:40 - Using the CFTC data to provide more evidence
34:35 - How Covid caused the massive drop in price and WHY!
37:00 - How banks took out their obstacle to continue price higher and provided us and entry long
44:00 - What the average trader does wrong
46:00 - End of Lesson

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