How Trump Can Combat Kamala | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 943

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The left is delighted that Kamala's emptiness makes it hard to call her far left — but she's rotten to the core.

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0:00 - Intro
2:04 - Top Comment
3:05 - The Big Idea: The War Against The Normal
6:55 - Wall Street Journal Article About How COVID-19 Affected The Upper West Side In Manhattan
10:20 - Joe Biden Reintroduces Kamala Harris To The Nation That Rejected Her And The Left Wing Media Honors Her
16:35 - The History Of Kamala Harris’ Corruption
27:05 - The Left Wing Media Comes To Kamala’s Defense From Conservatives
34:06 - Interview With John MacArthur And Jenna Ellis About Their Lawsuit Against The State Of California

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