Imran Khan To Launch "NEXT Program" Pakistan's First Ever National Job Portal For Jobs In Pakistan.

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What Is Next Program?

National Employment Exchange Tool Is Pakistan's First Ever National Job Portal For Jobs In Pakistan. One Platform for Job Seekers and Employers
NEXT is a Job Portal developed by Federal Government through National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC). NAVTTC being an apex body at the national for Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) Sector is mandated to manage and maintain greater employment opportunities to Pakistani Youth. The Commission establishes and promotes linkages among various stakeholders at national and international level for greater employability of youth by enabling them with the required set of skills.

What is NEXT?

National Employment Exchange Tool (NEXT) is launched by Federal Government of Pakistan, as a National Job Portal, where Pakistani youth can connect with jobs as per their talent and skills sets. The portal facilitates both the employers and job seekers by providing a common platform to interact with each other. The employers can easily find the potential candidates meeting their requirements through NEXT free of cost. The job seekers can view featured and available jobs matching their skill sets. The portal is built as easy to use platform, where a job seeker can build profile / resume on modern styles that attracts local and overseas employers including Government Departments. In addition, a job seeker can select a number of skill sets from built-in skills using Artificial Intelligence based matching features / search engines. The portal also allows both the employers and the job seekers to share information to other social media hubs.
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