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APRIL FOOLS! Thanks for laughing with us, and how about a round of applause for Rohan Bandekar '22 for his work on this video.

Juniata College has announced it is prepared to launch — literally — a top-secret project nearly 145 years in the making. The Juniata Space Program (JSP) will soon move into its next phase with the unveiling of the Rocket Fuel and Launch Station (RFLS) within the center of Brumbaugh Academic Center (BAC).

“We at Juniata College are always looking for new and different ways to engage our students. We have been on the forefront of technology since 1876, the year we were founded, and we plan on staying ahead of the competition for many years to come,” said James Troha, president of Juniata College. “We asked, ‘What can we do to provide a better educational experience for everyone?’ The answer was quite literally looking down at us from above. Space.”

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