Kazuha's Potential as (#1?) Anemo Support (Pre-release Kit Analysis) | Genshin Impact

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Let's discuss Kazuha and what he brings to the table that other Anemo supports don't.

This video assumes C0 Kazuha (so not the Main DPS version at C6), and takes into consideration several melee elemental carries that could really benefit from a support Kazuha.

1. The first thing he does is he DOESN'T KNOCK BACK OR UP HALLELUJAH. That alone already makes him unique among Anemo supports, and represents a welcome change for melee carries that suffer from DPS downtime due to knockbacks and knockups from other supports.

2. His Elemental Mastery into Elemental DMG Bonus conversion is ESPECIALLY good for carries where Sucrose isn't that great of an alternative due to her EM sharing not putting in the work. Most notably Electro-Charged comps like Keqing + Xingqiu or Childe + Beidou + Fischl, and soon enough Ayaka + Xingqiu for Permafreeze.

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