KnifeCenter FAQ #34: Best Steel for the Money? + Mini Benchmade, Sheepsfoot VS Wharncliffe, and More

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Dollar for dollar, what blade steel is best? Also, we’ve got how to sharpen Damascus, the difference between a wharncliffe and a sheepsfoot, and which mini Benchmade to buy. Oh, and tell us your favorite tactical spoons.

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Zero Tolerance 0230 and 0235:
Spartan Blades Hybris:
Ontario Journeyman:
Spyderco Native 5 with Maxamet Steel:
KA-BAR Dozier Folding Hunter D2 Steel:
Spyderco Para 3 with Maxamet Steel:
Spyderco K390 Knives:
Benchmade Mini Osborne:
Benchmade Mini Bugout:
Cold Steel Mini Recon 1:
Ontario Besra:
Kershaw Analyst:
Lightsabers: [404 Galaxy Not Found]
Silky Saws:
CIVIVI Riffle:
Kershaw Spoon-Handle Fillet Knife:
KA-BAR Krunch:

0:00 Intro
0:44 Is it a Wharncliffe or a Sheepsfoot?
3:21 Sheepsfoot Survival Knife
5:19 Best Blade Steel for the Money
8:39 The Ultimate Steel for Edge Retention
9:48 Benchmade Mini Osborne vs Mini Bugout
12:00 The Cold Steel Mini Recon has GRN Handles, Not G10
13:35 Square Blade on a Knife
15:32 What Are Serrations Used For?
16:36 The Absolute Best Knife for Zombie Apocalypse
16:51 Best Folding Saw
18:02 How to Sharpen Damascus
19:03 The Best Survival Spoons

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