Longfin And Ghost Truck Approach, Hard Mode & Pink Diamond | GTA Online The Cayo Perico Heist

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#gta5 #gtaonline #cayoperico
Friend In Video:
-SamiGamer23/NotSami123: NotSami123

-Join Our Discord (13+):
Our Discord is for anyone who want to meet from discord, or having a friendly chat with others heist players.

-Join Our Crew:
This Crew is for helping each other out on the heist

(Current Moderator For Discord)


-PC Spec: i5 9400f, GTX 1660ti, 16 Ram

gta 5 setting:
-DirectX Version DirectX 11
-Screen Type: Windowed Borderless
-Resolution: 1920 x 1080
-Aspect Ratio: Auto
-Refresh Rate: Auto (its automaticly auto because of the windowed borderless)
-Outpout Monitor: 1
-MSAA: Off
-NVIDIA TXAA: Off (forced)
-VSync: On
-Pause Game On Focus Loss: Off
-Population Density: 50%
-Population Variety: 50%
-Distance Scaling: 50%
-Texture Quality: Very High
-Shader Quality: High
-Shadow Quality: Normal
-Reflection Quality: Ultra
-Reflection MSAA: X2
-Water Quality: High
-Particles Quality: Very High
-Grass Quality: High (with high setting on gtx 1660ti, sometimes you get 50 to 40 fps on cayo perico)
-Soft Shadows: NVIDIA PCSS
-Post FX: Ultra
-Motion Blur Strength: 0%
-In-Game Depth Of Field Effects: Off
-Anisotropic Filtering: X8
-Ambient Occlusion: High
-Tessellation: Very High
-Restore Defaults: No Please Don't
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