Medjugorje and Vicka's Secret Notebook | Our Lady's life story: "I wrote everything down"

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Father Livio: Do you think about the secrets, is it difficult to bear them, are they something of a burden to you?

Vicka: Yes, I certainly think about them, for the secrets contain the future, but I am not burdened with it.

Father Livio: Do you know when the secrets will be available to people?

Vicka: No, I don’t know that either.

Father Livio: Our Lady has narrated her biography to you. Can you say anything about her life now? When will that be available?

Vicka: Our Lady has told me all her biography, from birth till Assumption. I could not say anything about it at the moment, for I have no authorization to do so. Our Lady’s whole lifetime is contained in three notebooks in which I was putting down what Our Lady was telling me. Sometimes I would write one page, another time two, sometimes only half a page.
is all I would like to say about this now. Father Livio: Thank you Vicka for these important words.

As already for many years, Our Lady prepares us for the future with her special messages that at all times lead us to her son and paradise. Let us read this important message, dated June 25, 2020, “Dear children! I am listening to your cries and prayers, and am interceding for you before my Son Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Return, little children, to prayer and open your hearts in this time of grace and set out on the way of conversion. Your life is passing and, without God, does not have meaning. This is why I am with you to lead you towards holiness of life, so that each of you may discover the joy of living. I love you all, little children, and am blessing you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
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