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A Competitive Pokemon Showdown Laddering series featuring PokeaimMD and Thunderblunder777! Where they will climb with Megas!
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In this series Joey and Blunder will try to climb the Pokemon Sword and Shield National Dex OU ladder on Pokemon Showdown, attempting to reach high ladder with Mega Pokemon on every single team! Welcome our next mega, Mega Heracross! Hope you all enjoy the Pokemon Sword and Shield Showdown live!
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00:00 Enter Mega Heracross + Dragon Dance Dragonite
08:11 Lycanroc Dusk is the best Mega Heracross Partner
12:13 Ice Punch is so deadly!
16:55 Deoxys needs to come back so we can spike stack LOL
22:31 The Final Game. Get some snacks, it's a long one.

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asfgerthrrth Enjoy!
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