Microsoft Flight Simulator VR is... Terrible?

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Virtual Reality is here for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I'll be honest, with the performance we get in a flat screen, I was very skeptical of VR, but have the team managed to do something extraordinary? Well, lets find out.

00:00 First Impressions
00:48 VR Mode
01:40 Mouse in VR
02:40 VR Controllers
03:25 My Specs
04:09 Elephant in the Room
05:16 Reprojection (ASW)
06:29 Good VR Performance Example
07:02 MFS VR Performance
08:54 Conclusion
09:35 Memory Eraser

Current Specs:
R9 3900X
32GB RAM @ 3200Mhz
RTX 3090
3 Monitor set-up @1440p
Oculus Rift-S / Quest 2
Track-IR 5 + PRO Clip
T16000M Hotas + Rudders

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