Multi-Market Dashboard for Advanced Sellers

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Paul Sonneveld is the Co-founder and CEO of MerchantSpring, a next-generation sales and analytics software platform for professional sellers and agencies. MerchantSpring provides a single view across multiple marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and numerous others worldwide.

Some of Paul’s past positions include Executive General Manager at , Head of First Choice Liquor at Coles Group, and Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• Paul Sonneveld talks about co-creating MerchantSpring and discusses the platform’s typical clients
• Which e-commerce platform is growing the fastest — besides Amazon?
• How Amazon compares to other marketplaces across the globe
• MerchantSpring’s process for helping sellers track products and sales across different platforms and currencies
• Paul shares MerchantSpring’s user-friendly resources and features
• Where to learn more about MerchantSpring and access its no-strings-attached free trial

In this episode…

Are you a professional Amazon seller? Do you want to know the secrets to selling in multiple marketplaces across the globe — with little to no hassle?

As many e-commerce entrepreneurs know, selling products in multiple marketplaces can be messy — especially if those marketplaces are in different countries. When various regulations, languages, and currencies come into the picture, sellers are often too intimidated to pursue a multi-market business model, even when it can bring them unparalleled success. That’s why Paul Sonneveld created MerchantSpring: to provide a stress-free platform that makes growing, scaling, and selling your business globally a piece of cake.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Paul Sonneveld, the Co-founder and CEO of MerchantSpring, to discuss the secrets to scaling your business globally using a multi-market dashboard. Listen in as Paul talks about MerchantSpring’s ideal client profile, the top e-commerce platforms in the world (including Amazon, of course), and the ins and outs of MerchantSpring’s user-friendly software. Stay tuned!

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