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Growing up a girl in Japan used to mean one thing.
Now it can mean everything.⚾⛸️????‍♀️????????‍♀️????
So, what do you want to do?

According to a report by the World Economic Forum in 2021, the average Japanese woman’s income was lower than the average Japanese man’s income. There are also several sports that still don’t offer an equal opportunity to continue playing for female athletes such as sumo and baseball.

Despite these barriers, there is a generation of powerful athletes and activists pushing Japan into a fairer and free future, like professional football player and female empowerment activist Ami Otaki, high-school sumo wrestler Rizumu Kasai who steps into the ring in the men’s competitive high school sumo team, baseball player Ayuri Shimano who has played on all-male teams, wrestler Miyu Nakamura who has been outspoken on gender equality, and figure skater Marin Honda. The film also features Momoko Nojo, an activist on the elimination of gender discrimination, playing the role of a national leader in the future to come.



2021年のジェンダーギャップランキングで、日本は120位。未だに経済や政治への参加という面において、男女の間には大きな差があります。この動画は、プロのサッカー選手であり女性での活躍を推進している大滝麻未さん、チームで女性で唯一の選手として高校相撲に取り組んでいる葛西里澄夢さん、男性チームでプレーした経験をもち現在は全国レベルの女性野球 チームを率いている島野愛友利さんや、男女平等にスポーツに取り組めることを目指すレスラーの中村未優さんフィギュアスケーターの本田真凜さんに登場いただいています。また新しい未来のイメージとして、性差別の撤廃を訴える能條桃子さんを国家を担う存在として描き、文化の角度から変化を起こすことにも焦点を当てています。

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