Onewheel: Day ONE Recap / Race for the Rail 2020

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Team Skyline and Team Delirium go head-to-head in the first two events, Team Mountian Challenge and Team Enduro Race. Tune in and watch it all unfold in the Day One Recap.

The best riders on the planet have split into two teams and will go head-to-head in 3 Team Challenges, each worth $3,000. Team Captains were selected and lead the first-ever Onewheel Race for the Rail Draft. Today the squads will face off in two challenges on the Mountain. Who you got, Team Skyline, or Team Delirium?

Team Skyline

Amanda Thompson
Bodhi Harrison
Orie Rush
Angel Cooper
Wren Weichman
Dave Stewart

Team Delerium

Raquel McCosker
Jeff McCosker
Dom Williams
Zoe Thomas
Brenden Suremeyer
Jamie Jucther


Win a brand new Onewheel+XR and other Race for the Rail gear. Tune in live to see if you've won!


2020 Onewheel Race for the Rail, streaming LIVE Sunday at 2:00 pm PDT.

It's Going Down!
The top 12 Onewheel riders will descend ski slopes in a fast and furious boardercross race to the finish. Can anyone beat the wonderkid and 2019 Champion Dom Williams? Is this the year Bodhi Harrison finally gets over the hump? Is Zoe, the youngest and possibly toughest rider, the underdog to keep an eye on? Can Youtube personality Sir Wren prove he belongs with the big dogs? We'll see how it all shakes out Sunday at 2:00 pm PDT on the mountain.
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Good times are ahead on a Onewheel. There's nothing else quite like it. Whether you're on a coffee run or charging trails, these perpetual carving machines are an absolute joy to ride and highly addictive.

Onewheels are powered by a brushless hub motor which has plenty of power to get you up hills and comfortably break going down them. There's no remote, riders simply lean forward to accelerate and back to decelerate. It creates an incredibly intuitive and natural riding experience.

The large tire creates the smoothest riding experience in the game and makes riding over bumps and cracks a breeze.

But mostly, riding Onewheels in really, really fun :)

Start your Onewheel adventure at

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