Onewheel Race for the Rail 2020 | LIVE STREAM

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2020 Onewheel Race for the Rail

Round 1 Heat 1 28:30
Round 1 Heat 2 40:10
Round 1 Heat 3 51:29
Round 1 Results 1:03:49
Round 2 Heat 1 1:11:43
Round 2 Heat 2 1:20:55
Round 2 Results 1:31:01
Finals 1:47:39

It's Going Down!
The top 12 Onewheel riders will descend ski slopes in a fast and furious boardercross race to the finish. Can anyone beat the wonderkid and 2019 Champion Dom Williams? Is this the year Bodhi Harrison finally gets over the hump? Is Zoe, the youngest and possibly toughest rider, the underdog to keep an eye on? Can Youtube personality Sir Wren prove he belongs with the big dogs? We'll see how it all shakes out Sunday at 2:00 pm PDT on the mountain.
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