Osana's Pool Elimination - Yandere Simulator Demo

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Here is Osana's, rival-specific, pool elimination.

Once again, this is probably one of my favourite elimination methods. As you can see, it takes a lot of work to get done, but yet it strikes a balance of being time-consuming, but not boring. It is also, once again, really flexible. You don't have to do Gema's task, you could always befriend all the bullies and ask them to go away or you could just kill them all on previous days. I got Raibaru to be bullied here, yet you could always poison her bento on Monday to get her gone then. I hope more of the more straight-forward elimination methods can be re-worked to give experiences like we see right here.

My only complaints are some small details. For example, it would be cool that when the day ends, you'd get a small cutscene of Osana's corpse floating to the top of the water and then the police investigation would take place. The next day, the pool should be taped off just to add a little more consequence to the players actions. It would also be cool, to see some bubble rise to the top of the pool as she drowns and maybe some gurgling sound effects to accompany it.

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