Perfect Prime Rib Every Time "GUARANTEED" (500 Degree Cooking Method)

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This prime rib recipe is great for the holidays or just if you are in need of an amazing meal. You need to know onw thing if you have an oven that has a cooling fan that you cant turn off you will have to cook it the normal way by measuring the internal temperature of the prime rib. It will need to reach 135 F and rest for 15-30 minutes after cooking.

Now if you have an over that does not use a cooling fan this video will be perfect for you. You preheat the over to 500 and cook the prime rib 5 minutes per pound. After its done cooking you turn off the oven and leave the prime rib in the oven for 2 hours. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FOR ANY REASON. When the 2 hours is up its ready to cut. No resting is necessary.

Follow my step in this video to make the butter coating and you will have one of the best prime rib you have ever had. And the crazy ting is this is such an easy way to cook it and its impossible to mess up. Well unless you open the oven door before the 2 hours is up.

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