PreCovid- Guess who’s coming to Wednesdays with Arsayo Paris, Vegan designer!

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So before Covid really hit and we all got shut down, I use to do a show called “Guess who’s coming to Wednesdays” where I had special guest! This was the last show I did back in March. Jonathan from @arsayoparis was my special guest and when covid hit they also were hit as a small business! Thankfully they are back up and running and I’m so excited to share about this cruelty free designer bag company! I went vegan for my health, but over the last 3 years I’ve learned so much and I’m constantly trying to make the best conscious decisions when shopping, while still being cute lol. I love these bags so much and had to have Johnathon as a guest to tell us more! Hope you all enjoy and if you would like to purchase click here: and use my code for TAB20 for 20% off
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