Pulled an All Nighter on Day 1 of Race Week! - RMRW 2.0 - Video 1

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Race Week started out so easy! Too easy in I was so prepared the week before that I just expected something to happen. My first day of passes didn't go smooth at all (but dad's did!!) I couldn't hook and get down the track. The 3rd pass started out better, but I couldn't get it to shift to 3rd gear. Fast forward a few hours and I realized I didn't have 3rd or reverse and out the transmission came leaving us to pull on all nighter on day 1. Once you get behind in the week you don't get caught up. BUT! We successfully did it!

Thanks to Holley for being a partner on this journey!

Also a big thanks to Portable Car Hoist (an event sponsor) for making this job so much easier!

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