Race 1: Christmas Cup Regatta (17 Dec 2020) ETNZ v Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli

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First race of the day, Te Rehutai v Luna Rossa
(This footage is not edited so scroll at will! This is just my footage as a bystander. Remember to check out for the official broadcast They are live-streaming all of the races along with expert commentary and virtual eye graphics that we love to on-board cams, !)
Finally the day we've all been waiting for, the first competitive races for the AC75 boats, the Prada America's Cup World Series Auckland - Christmas Cup Regatta.

Although the results carry no significance, its an opportunity for all the teams to compare boat speeds, handling, race strategy and anything they haven't been able to do while training solo.

Its was a beautiful sunny day in Auckland with a 15-18kts SW breeze throughout the afternoon. Course C was chosen by Race Director Iain Murray as the most suitable for these conditions. Course C is the inner most harbour course and best for land-spectators on both sides of Auckland's Harbour Bridge. There was also a large spectator fleet out on the water catching the action close up.

The afternoon's racing consisted of 4 races:
Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli
American Magic vs INEOS Team UK
INEOS Team UK vs Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli
American Magic vs Emirates Team New Zealand

Its the only opportunity for the defender, ETNZ, to sail against all 3 challengers, as only 1 will make it to the America's Cup finals.

For more information go to the official website: where you can find all the broadcast/streaming information.
Wind at time of filming:
15-18kts SW at Bean Rock (the little white lighthouse you see in the footage)

Filmed from:
North Head
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