Rimworld: Flesh #20 - Nuclear Thrumbo Cross-Breeding Program

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Left abandoned and floating through the void, a lone robot wonders why she was cast aside from the loving touch of her master. Was it her cold exterior, or electronic eyes? Would he have loved her if she was or at least, flesh and bone?

Two Ithilids on a journey to a new world come across a lone android of extraordinary combat potential and forge a loose alliance with the robot. In exchange for her protection and combat prowess, the Ithilids would help her achieve her dream of humanity, or as close as they can

=== Mod Info ===

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Please note - this is not all of the mods included, unfortunately, there is a character limit of what I can credit here, please check the workshop page for full credits!

Steam workshop collection and install instructions:

Gunplay and Recipe icons
Created by AUTOMATIC

Created by Avius

4M Mehni's Misc Modifications []
Created by [] Miyuri

Prison Labor
Created by Avius

Achtung!, Camera+ and Harmony
Created by Brrainz

Animal Genetics
Created by gregorycu

Created by ChJees

Created by Charlotte

Realistic Rooms
Created by Crlsniper

Corpse To Fuel
Created by Crusader

War Crimes Expanded 2 Core
Created by Crustypeanut

Created by Dr Zhivago

Dubs Performance Analyzer, Mint Menus, and Skylights
Created by Dubwise

Children, school and learning
Created by Dylan

Animal Tab, Area Unlocker, Blueprints, and Mod Manager
Created by Fluffy

[FSF] Complex Jobs (Legacy Version)
Created by FrozenSnowFox

Prisoner Harvesting
Created by GassyTaco

Blood and stains
Created by Gouda quiche

CleaningArea and QualityBuilder
Created by Hatti

Cutting out Head
Created by gguake

Cake, Tea, and War Crimes
Created by Scruffy

Stack XXL
Created by Indeed

Created by InsertKey

Created by Jaxe

PawnTargetFix and No Job Authors
Created by Jellypowered

[KV] Configurable Maps, RimFridge, and Consolidated Traits
Created by Kiame Vivacity

Rim of Madness - Bones
Created by KingSihv

Questionable Ethics Enhanced
Created by KongMD

Prisoners Need Recruiting
Created by Madara Uchiha

Better ModMismatch Window
Created by Madeline

Graphics Settings - Fix your textures!
Created by Maxim

Pick Up And Haul
Created by Mehni

Designator Shapes
Created by Merthykins

Created by Mic

Plasteel Surgery, Raiders Never Die, Reconditioning Pod, and Milkable Colonists
Updated by Mlie

Royalty Tweaks
Created by Mobius

[O21] Dragons Not Included, Forgotten Realms, and Toolbox
Created by Neronix17

Created by NukaFrog

Dead Can Serve and Quarry
Created by Ogliss

Created by Orion

Vanilla Expanded Suite
Created by Oskar Potocki and Team

Real Faction Guest
Created by YAYO

The Dark Descent
Created by SirMashedPotato

Optimization: Meats
Created by Owlchemist

Simple sidearms
Created by PeteTimesSix

More Trade Ships
Created by PinoChemicali

Created by CaptainPootis

Optional Icons for Architect Icons
Created by Proxyer

Genetic Rim, Smart Speed, Vanilla Cooking, Sushi and Fishing Expanded
Created by Sarg Bjornson

Smarter Construction
Created by Hultis

Realistic Planets - Fan Update
Created by Saucy_Pigeon

SF Grim Reality
Created by SheiFoxy

Xenobionic Patcher
Created by SineSwiper

Harvest Organs Post Mortem
Created by Smuffle

[SYR] More Slaves
Created by Syrchalis

Show Draftees Weapon
Created by Targhetti

Allow Tool and HugsLib
Created by UnlimitedHugs

Everybody Gets One, Replace Stuff, Share The Load, and TD Enhancement Pack
Created by Uuugggg

Created by Weil

Created by Xahkarias

Yayo's Combat 3
Created by YAYO

Human Leather Floor
Created by Zylleon

Imprisonment On The Go!
Created by AgentBlac

Created by aRandomKiwi

EdB Prepare Carefully
Created by edbmods

Humanoid Alien Races and ShowModDesignators
Created by erdelf

Better Workbench Management
Created by falconne

Simple Search Bar
Created by gguake

Animals Logic and My Little Planet
Created by ignis[ru]

Created by roolo

Anesthetic Gun MOD[] and StuffedDoll[]
Created by tikubonn

Character Editor
Created by void

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=== Music Credits ===

Getting it Done Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License.

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