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Roblox Mom and Baby Roleplay! Trying to teach my new baby how to ice skate in the parenthood new winter update. We get winter makeovers and head over to Santa's workshop to meet him! Then we try to ice skate on the frozen lake but don't want to try! We take a little staycation and check in to the plazas hotel penthouse suite! We also decorate or house with new furniture and holiday decor!
New game Parenthood - You can adopt a baby and feel what it's like to be a parent. The baby has realistic needs and you have to do your best to meet them or else it will cry. You can get a job and buy a home, customize your avatar with so many styles that are free. You can also stay at the fancy plaza hotel and buy awesome cars and adorable bikes for you and your baby! I had so much fun playing and highly recommend it! Big shoutout to Wonuf and Phoeberry for creating such an amazing fun game! The game is still in alpha but it will include a supermarket, cinema, restaurants and so much more.

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Game: Parenthood (ROBLOX)

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