Rockstar Might RESET ACCOUNTS Again In GTA 5 Online...

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GTA 5 Account Reset / Money Wipe. Did your GTA account get reset? GTA 5 ban wave? A GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch was giving players MILLIONS very quickly but now there has been a money wipe and accounts have been reset (you might be asking why you lost money in gta online and I answer why and it could happen again in the future) in this "GTA V Online" video: Rockstar Might RESET ACCOUNTS Again In GTA 5

This GTA V Online video tells about how people have been using a GTA 5 Money Glitch to get MILLIONS fast! But we now have a GTA 5 money wipe (people are losing INSANE amounts of money to this money wipe) or even worse, accounts have been completely reset (everything deleted from the account with the account reset). This wasn't a ban wave, as far as I know people were not banned, just reset. I go over how this could happen again in the future and how this could be a problem. This is not a tutorial on how to do the solo money glitch (trust me, you wouldn't want to do it anyway and I think it could be patched anyway), this is just a video to make you aware of it. I hope you did enjoy this GTA 5 Online video!

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