Seven Useful 3D Printed Equipment & Gear Items For Backcountry Camping & Backpacking!

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It's equal parts fun and utility to 3d print my own backpacking & backcountry camping supplies, equipment, and other things at home. Whatever items or gear I might need that's feasibly done with 3d printing, I can hack out a prototype/replacement/upgrade in a matter of hours. And they're not just gimmicks, either--they're actually useful, practical, and worthwhile. I use everything on this list myself.

In this video, I go over seven of my favorite functional prints for use on trips:
- Gas canister stove stand
- Carabiners
- Whistles
- Line tensioners
- Tent stakes
:2758339 (Dirt stake, mine were printed at 73% size)
(snow/sand stake)
- Water filter adapters
(Katadyn Filter to Powerade Bottle adapter)
:3566270 (Katadyn Filter to Smart Water Bottle adapter)
(Solar still adapter for two powerade bottles)
- Hobo fishing rod

00:00 - Intro
00:36 - #7: Gas Canister Stove Stand
01:18 - #6: Carabiners
02:09 - #5: Whistles
03:00 - #4: Line Tensioner
03:46 - #3: Tent Stakes
04:34 - #2: Water Filter Adapters
05:29 - #1: Hobo Fishing Rod
06:18 - Conclusion

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