SIDE QUEST | Creature Design BONUS | Trying Out Blender's Texture Paint For The First Time

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In this week's POLYCOSM episode, Christina will be testing out the "Texture Paint" tool in Blender, using the un-textured insect-design from a few Side Quest episodes ago. She will take you guys through the process of unwrapping a low-poly insect, and how to paint said insect using Blender's "Texture Paint" tools.

Part 01 - 2D Thumbnails & Final Sketch:

Part 02 - 3D Modeling, Shape Keys & Particle Systems:

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2D/3D Animated Storyboard:



In order to learn how to sculpt in Blender, I took a CG Boost course called "Mastering Sculpting in Blender". Zach Reinhardt covers literally EVERYTHING you need to know about sculpting in Blender, and a bit more. If you're interested in levelling up your sculpting skills quickly, I couldn't recommend a better course than this.

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0:00 Video Summary/Introduction
0:49 Disclaimer: Not A Good Unwrapper/Modeller
1:19 Why Do We Need To Unwrap?
2:46 Marking Seams, Getting A Good Unwrap
5:44 Unwrapping Tips & Mistakes
7:10 Creating A New Texture Map, Flipped Normals
8:30 Blocking In Colors, Saving Palettes
9:48 My Thoughts On The Basic Paint Brush
10:37 IMPORTANT: Save Your Texture!!
11:07 Establishing Shadows And Light, Stylised Rendering
12:06 Implied Detailing
12:57 Re-unwrapping
13:18 (Timelapse)
14:06 Wrong Color
14:25 (Timelapse)
15:27 Separating Body Parts, Flipping Islands
16:28 (Timelapse)
19:10 Adding Ink Outline, Final Result
20:03 Final Words
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