Sims 3 Animations in Star Stable Online - An Experiment

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Hello there,

As you can see I have mixed SSO with Sims 3. How I did it:

First I ripped the 3d models from Star Stable Online. I'm pretty sure SSO is not that fond of that, so I'm not gonna explain that (It would also take too long).
I used the Sims 3 models to transfer the weight paint onto the SSO models. That way I could use the Sims 3 rigs and animations in combination with the SSO models. The only thing left was fixing the animations here and there because the SSO models are not really compatible with the Sims 3 rigs.
It's not perfect especially when there is a lot of mouth and leg movement but it's good enough. I combined the animations that I made in blender with some background video recordings from Star Stable Online. And that's it.

Programs used:
3d object converter
After Effects
Filmora Wondershare


Everyday - Joshua Nichols (licensed through )

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