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You can join the Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program free of cost by sending an application in the format given below by Whatsapp on 8448952009 or email id at diabexyindia@ The duration of the program will be for one month. The applications will be accepted for the free program till 27th December 2020 only. We will be selecting only 25 people from the received applications. We will not be accepting any applications for the free program after 27th December 2020.

The Revertiz program will consist of the following -
1. Diet Coach consultation - 4 (10min)
2. Habit & Behaviour coach consultation – 1 (30min)
3. Fitness coach consultation - 4 (10min)
4. Medical Doctor consultation – 2 (5min)

Please send the following details - APPLICATION FORM

1. Name -
2. Age –
3. postal Address-
4. WhatsApp No. -
5. Email ID -
6. Organization working for - 7. Designation –
8. Complete Medical History -
9. Medicine Using (please write brand name with composition) -
10. Food Choice: Pure Veg/ Veg. with egg/ Non-veg
11. Current blood sugar reports and HbA1c.

By sending the above application, it is considered that you have read, understood, and agree to the consent form provided here.

I ….......Age….......Sex…... have enrolled for Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program and authorize their designated staff to provide me guidance and assistance to manage my diabetes. I have understood that the program will consist of the following –
1. Low glycemic load diet plan to achieve goals.
2. Habit and behavior modification for lifestyle management.
3. Regular exercise to improve fitness.
4. Medical doctor to advise on health-related issues.

I understand that the success of the program will depend on my efforts and there is no guarantee or assurance that the program will be successful. I know that it is my responsibility to follow instructions carefully and report to assigned staff immediately if any adverse event happens. In case of any adverse effects, I will not hold the organizer of the program or their staff responsible for any medical complications.
I understand that the adverse effect related to a low glycemic load diet is related to low blood sugar which I can take care of myself.
I understand that the purpose of the program is to help me in my desire to manage my diabetes. I am willing to join the program and also grant permission to the organizer of the program to use my results or benefits achieved during the program for a promotional activity, research work, and statistical analysis in print or in electronic media.

I have read and fully understood this consent form and also understood the risk associated with it. I am willing to join the program.

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Call us or Whatsapp @8448952009 for a free customized diet plan from a certified nutritionist

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