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Hello fellow Vikings!

Grab your family and friends and don’t forget your snacks!
You are in for another episode of suddenly a Star! The finale!

Make sure to watch the first season to understand the story and the characters!
Part 1=
Part 2=
Part 3=
Part 4=

Season 2
Part 1=
Part 2=
Part 3=
Part 4=
Part 5=
Part 6=

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Make sure to join the group to become an official fellow Vikings today! ????

Enjoy! ????

my channel isnt focused towards kids especially under the age of 13, all videos created on my channel are for fun and entertainment purposes only, inlcuding passion in video and story creations, bringing ideas to life.
please do not display any criticism as this is only for *entertainment* purposes
and it is your choice (or childs choice) to watch videos under your own supervision and not the creator, game, youtube or authors fault.
(this information includes every single other video on my channel)

-kind regards

~~music credits~~

Night Runner by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


Song: Mitchell Martin - Be Myself
Music promoted by FreeMusicWave.

Song: Hurshel - Straight To You
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Song: Beutos - Forever
Music promoted by FMW. Released by Morph Records.
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